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Activate Keep2share Premium key - Keep2share Reseller

Posted by Mr 04/04/2019 1 Comment(s)

How to activate keep2share Premium key

Prepare :
1, keep2share account
2, keep2share premium key
If you don't have one of these, how to do it?

We will guide you below: first,
1, If you haven't account at Keep2share, you just need to sign up:
2, You can buy from us, or you can buy directly from or you can search on with the keyword "Keep2share Reseller", "keep2share paypal", "keep2share premium" .. ... all you want to find the best seller

How to activate keep2share Premium key

1. You will receive a keep2share premium voucher like this (on your email ordered): 09e7a2a26b9879bcf9bbbcf9fdccc6b6810a1f8699

2. You should be log in :

3. Make sure you are logged in. Then access this link:

4. Put your voucher code in field and click on "Activate my code"

how to activate keep2share premium


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