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TurboBit Premium

TurboBit Premium 30 days -11%
TurboBit Premium 30 days

$9.50 $8.50

In Stock
  • Fast Email Delivery
  • Non-Recurring
  • 25Gb / day Download Traffic

4/5 - 481 Reviews

TurboBit Premium 180 days -13%
TurboBit Premium 180 days

$34.50 $29.90

In Stock
  • Fast Email Delivery
  • Non-Recurring
  • 25Gb / day Download Traffic

4.1/5 - 88 Reviews

TurboBit Premium 365 days -13%
TurboBit Premium 365 days

$59.90 $51.90

In Stock
  • Fast Email Delivery
  • Non-Recurring
  • 25Gb / day Download Traffic

4.2/5 - 51 Reviews

TurboBit Premium 730 days -13%
TurboBit Premium 730 days

$88.50 $76.90

In Stock
  • Fast Email Delivery
  • Non-Recurring
  • 25Gb / day Download Traffic

4.6/5 - 26 Reviews

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How to activate Premium Key after buy from TurboBit Reseller

1. You will receive a Turbobit access code premium voucher like this: ax2kt6z92wd2900ws


2. You should be log in : ( If you haven't account at Turbobit, you just need to sign up: )


3. Make sure you are logged in. Then access this link:


4. Scroll down and look up field "Enter code here" 5. Fill your Premium Key, then click "Activate a premium code"

activate turbobit

Detail Premium Reseller

We are Official TurboBit Premium Code Verified Resellers

Only buy a TurboBit Codes Premium account through a Verified Reseller!

Are you looking to purchase a TurboBit account, but can't use any of our regular payment methods? Then you may use one of our official reselling partners.

Make sure that you only purchase a TurboBit subscription through one of the following Resellers.

No other sites are permitted to sell TurboBit accounts other than the businesses on this list.

Note that you are doing business with the Reseller

For any questions regarding your payment, please contact the Reseller directly. Please only contact TurboBit Customer Support with technical questions, not billing enquiries.

How do I purchase a Premium subscription through a Reseller?

It's easy to purchase a TurboBit Access Code Premium subscription through a Reseller Paypal - just follow these simple steps

- Choose which Reseller you wish to use from the list below. Visit their website and purchase the TurboBit Premium subscription you would like.

- After payment the Reseller will provide you with a TurboBit subscription token number, which you can use to create* or extend your TurboBit account.

- If you want to purchase a premium account through another payment system than ours, simply contact the reseller closest to you. Once you have paid for the premium account with your local payment method, the reseller will supply you with a coupon code that will upgrade your account to premium. You'll also benefit from communicating with an authorized reseller that speaks your language!

Upgrade to TurboBit Code Premium : Access unlimited downloads and unlimited speed.

Get faster downloads

TurboBit is compatible with most download managers, so you can download much faster than free members.

Downloads start instantly

Switch on the Direct Downloads feature in your account and your downloads will start immediately, without having to visit our site.

Download Software Support

Resume interrupted downloads

Tired of incomplete files? Premium members can resume broken downloads using any compatible download manager.

Upgrade to TurboBit Premium now.

Alternative payment options.

Transaction declined? Try an official TurboBit Reseller or pay with PayPal.

List TurboBit Premium Key

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to configure IDM to work with some other sharing site?

2. What is Filehosting Service?

3. Who are we?

We are a reseller of TurboBit key access to file-sharing services. We don’t sell content (files), but only sell services. TurboBit Premium accounts for high speed access or other such premium benefits. It is strictly forbidden to download or upload any copyrighted content (movie , software, music , picture, ...) without prior approval of the copyright content owner. It's illegal to download or upload child pornography. It is strictly forbidden to download or upload any pornographic, erotic content on any storage solution that we represent. 'You' agree that you will not misuse any of the file hosting / cloud storage / storage solutions that we resell via TurboBit vouchers, keys, login id & password's or direct upgrade in downloading, uploading, if found you are sole responsible for the legal and financial consequences arising from it.

4. What is a TurboBit Reseller?

TurboBit Reseller:

A company that purchases services or goods for resale rather than consumption. In ecommerce, this can often apply to an affiliate marketer. Retailers are considered resellers, as they resell goods to end consumers. Wholesalers are also considered resellers as they resell the goods they purchase to retailers.

5. Buy TurboBit key/code/voucher with Bank Tranfer, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, TurboBit Paypal

When you checkout , you can choose payment methods : bitcoin, visa, TurboBit paypal and pay it, after paid , the system will be send premmum key to you via your email. If you do not receive anything , please check here or contact to us.

6. How do I get a TurboBit reseller for discount/coupon code?

After you pay successfully, we will send the TurboBit key and discount/coupon code via email or you can get it on detail order.

7. How quickly will I get my TurboBit key/code right now if I pay now?

8. Where is my TurboBit code/ voucher/ key ?

9. Why is my order not processed automatically as usual?

10. How to update quantity product on Shopping car ?

11. How to use Coupon Code ?

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Choose a Premium Key/Voucher Plan

Choose from a broad selection of FileSharings! Find the perfect Premium plan for a loved-one, or a treat for yourself, at home, or on the go with our mobile friendly website!

Payment & Approval

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, BitCoin, Webmoney and 20+ Local Payments . All payments are securely processed .

Fastest Online Email Delivery

All of our premium keys are authentic FileSharing, The premium key into our system and delivered to you via email within minutes! Save the trip to the store to catch the best deals on an online sale by purchasing directly from FileSharingShop for the fastest online delivery service on the market!

  • ORLANDO posted on 26/06/2019 Verified Buyer

    The code worked perfectly thank you.

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