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Activate Premium Key

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With DepositFiles premium - GOLD Membership you can download files quicker and with no speed limits!
+ Want to download files quicker and with no speed limits?
- you can have multiple connections
- you can use your file manager for downloading
- no waiting time between downloading the file parts
- no ADS at all!


Activate DepositFiles Reseller premium


1. You will receive a voucher / premium key like this  ( login:password ) : kvnn68123:dczkmn654 from DepositFiles reseller

2. Login into the account you want to uprgade. ( If you haven't account at , you just need to create new account )

3. Open page

4. Enter to the field received info in the format login:password and send it . if you haven't voucher code , you can buy here

5. The account becomes Gold.